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Welcome Back To School 

September 3, 2021
Dear Westwood Families;
Welcome to another school year. Here are some “house keeping items” to keep you prepared and informed:
  • Tuesday, September 7th is the first day of school and it will be a minimum day. Here are the arrival and release times:
Elementary School (TK/K – 5): Arrival 8:00am/Dismissal 12:00pm
Jr. High School (6-8): Arrival 7:50am/Dismissal 12:00pm
Westwood High School (9-12): Arrival 8:00am/Dismissal 12:10pm
  • The 2nd/3rd grade teacher is out on a medical leave and Pat Costa will serve as the long-term substitute.
  • The Jackpack After-School Program is now run by the County Aces Program. It is currently on hold until we get the new carpet installed. The fire evacuation put us behind on our time line. As soon as it is ready, we will resume with the after-school activities.
  • School meals will be FREE for all students. Breakfast will be served every school morning in the multi-purpose room from 7:30am – 7:50am. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for a FREE lunch with their teachers and/or office staff every morning.
  • The Junior High bell schedule has a minor change: All Jr. High students will now be released at 2:20pm Tuesday through Friday.
  • Please send all your forms back with your son or daughter on the first day of school. Even though school meals are free, please fill out the National School Lunch form as well.
  • Mask are required for all students and staff indoors. Students will be allowed to take off their mask while eating lunch and while outdoors.
We hope your student(s) have a wonderful school year. We are excited to see them. Please contact us if you have any questions. 530-256-2311
Mike Altenburg
*In the event that the school has to be closed for an extended period of time, we will shift to distance learning/independent study. (closure due to Covid, power outage, or fire).

Arrival and Dismissal Times 

Monday/Early Out 
Grade Arrival  AM Recess Lunch  Lunch Recess Dismissal 
8:00am  9:15-9:30am  11:00-11:20am  11:20-11:45am  1:20pm 
1st/2nd 8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  1:20pm 
2nd/3rd  8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  1:20pm 
4th 8:00am  10:05-10:20am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  1:35pm 
5th  8:00am  10:05-10:20pm  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  1:35pm 
Tuesday - Friday 
8:00am  9:15-9:30am  11:00-11:20am  11:20-11:45am  2:10pm 
1st/2nd 8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  2:10pm 
2nd/3rd  8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  2:10pm 
4th 8:00am  10:05-10:20am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  2:25pm 
5th  8:00am  10:05-10:20pm  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  2:25pm 
Minimum Day 
8:00am  9:15-9:30am  11:00-11:20am  11:20-11:45am  12:00pm 
1st/2nd 8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00pm 
2nd/3rd  8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00pm 
4th 8:00am  10:05-10:20am  11:40-12:00pm  ------- 12:00pm 
5th  8:00am  10:05-10:20pm  11:40-12:00pm  ------- 12:00pm 
6th/7th/8th  Arrival  AM Break  Lunch  Lunch Recess Dismissal 
Monday  7:55am  10:15-10:25am 12:00-12:45pm  ------- 1:35pm 
Tues-Fri  7:55am  9:50-10:05am  12:10-12:50pm  ------- 2:20pm 
Mini Day  7:55am  9:45-10:00am  12:00pm  ------- 12:00pm 
9th - 12th  Arrival  AM Break  Lunch  Lunch Recess Dismissal 
Monday  8:00am  9:25-9:35 11:40-12:25pm  ------- 1:35pm 
Tues-Fri  8:00am  10:05-10:15 12:25-1:10pm  ------- 3:20pm 
Mini Day  8:00am  9:55-10:05am  12:10pm  ------- 12:10pm 

Parent Advisory Council 

  • The high school is in search of 9th – 12th grade parents to sit on a Parent Advisory Council that will meet several times over the next few months.  They may leave a message at the office, or email lbiggs@westwoodusd.org to volunteer.

Learn About Our School 

Westwood is a rural community located at an elevation of 5,200 feet at the junction of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain Range. The district currently has two active schools: Fletcher Walker Elementary School, Kindergarten through 5th Grade and Westwood Jr./Sr. High School, 6th through 12th Grade.
Westwood has approximately 1,500 residents within its boundaries. Fletcher Walker Elementary School has approximately 90 students enrolled and Westwood Jr./Sr High School has an approximate enrollment of 85 students.
The district has one Superintendent/Principal. All staff seek to provide a quality education that encompasses the District's vision and mission statements.
We expect our students to meet academic standards, become life-long learners,
and to be productive citizens prepared to take their next step.
To provide our student body with the best education possible
and to instill in them a passion for life-long learning
in partnership with our parents and community.

School Safety Plan

2021-2022 School Year Calendar

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