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New Updates 

March 08, 2022
Dear Westwood Parents,
As many of you may have already heard, California will not require masks in schools after March 11th. The governor announced that the state will strongly recommend masking, but it is no longer a mandate.
Positive test rates have been steadily declining for weeks and there are currently no hospitalizations in Lassen County. Students and staff that make the choice to remain masked will be supported at school. Students and staff that choose not to be masked will also be supported. We will be respectful of each individual’s right to decide what is the best decision for their own personal health.
Currently, we will still be testing asymptomatic staff members weekly. This also is subject to change based on the recommendation of state and county health officials. Recently, Lassen County Public Health announced that they will be limiting case investigation and contract tracking to the general population. LCPH will no longer monitor individual positive cases or send quarantine and isolation orders when receiving a positive COVID-19 test.
As a public school in California we are subject to health orders that come from the state. If we have learned anything from these past three-years, it’s that things can change very quickly. That being said, we are pleased that we are one step closer to normalcy in our schools.
A big thank you to the parents, students, and staff for your resiliency and grace throughout these challenging times.
Mike Altenburg
February 17, 2022
Dear Westwood Community,
We hope this message finds you safe and healthy. As promised, we are reaching out to provide an update regarding the school closures. As you are aware, Westwood Schools were forced to close their doors from August 24 through September 3 because of the mandatory evacuation order brought on by the Dixie Fire. The schools also had to close on December 14 due to inclement weather.
The school year calendar has three local holidays built in. These local holidays are to be used if the school has unexpected closure days. The Dixie Fire caused our doors to shut for nine days plus one additional snow day was taken in December. Under these circumstances, students and staff will be required by the state to attend school on the following local holidays:
Friday, March 18
Monday, April 18
Friday, May 27
Once further guidance is received by the state, we will send out another update.
Please contact the district if you have any questions concerning this matter. 530-256-2311.
Michael Altenburg

December 02, 2021

Dear Colleagues and Community,

During the regular board meeting held on November 17th, 2021, I announced my retirement as Superintendent/Principal of the Westwood Unified School District, effective June 30th, 2022.  This decision was not an easy one, but after 36 years in public education as a Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director, Principal and Superintendent, I feel the time is right for me to retire.I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for the commitment, dedication, encouragement, and support you have provided on a daily basis to me and to the district.  Administrative positions can be frustrating, difficult, challenging, and stressful, but I have been fortunate to work with a progressive and supportive Board of Education, a knowledgeable administrative team, a collaborative group of talented teachers and staff, and a community invested in its children. When a great team surrounds you, the position becomes not only manageable but also very rewarding.I would especially like to acknowledge my Business Officer, Krissy House and my Administrative Assistant, Trena Smith for their professionalism and guidance. Most superintendents can only hope for the high level of support I have received.The city of Westwood has a school district of which it should be extremely proud. Please continue educating and inspiring your students and instilling in them “Lumberjack Pride” I am confident they will make you proud.Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Superintendent/Principal. I am honored and grateful and hope that my leadership has contributed to the district’s success.  
Michael Altenburg
November 18, 2021
Dear Westwood Families,
I hope this letter finds each of you doing well. We had a great start to the school year and continue to move forward educating your children in a safe and positive way.
I write to you now with recent concerns over the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. As you are aware, Governor Newsome introduced a new mandate that would require all grade spans (K-12) to be fully vaccinated following FDA full approval or a complete and approved exemption form for in-person learning. In listening to our community, we anticipate this mandate will deeply impact our schools as families will leave for alternative school instruction.
At the regular board meeting held on Wednesday November 17, the Westwood Unified School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to pass a resolution calling on state officials to not require the COVID-19 vaccines for students and staff. The board members completely understand the difficult times we are facing as a community, state, and nation. However, they are hopeful that their stances on this mandate will be heard at the local and state levels. They will continue to push forward in an effort to support their community families.  
Please keep in mind, all COVID-19 related protocols and mandates are still subject for change at any time. As we receive additional information regarding how these mandates may impact your child’s experience here at Westwood Schools, we will provide you with an update. 
Thank you for continuing to support our schools. Your support enables us to continue providing our children with the high-quality education they deserve.
We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing your children back in school on Monday November 29.
Michael Altenburg

Arrival and Dismissal Times 

Monday/Early Out 
Grade Arrival  AM Recess Lunch  Lunch Recess Dismissal 
8:00am  9:15-9:30am  11:00-11:20am  11:20-11:45am  1:20pm 
1st/2nd 8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  1:20pm 
2nd/3rd  8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  1:20pm 
4th 8:00am  10:05-10:20am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  1:35pm 
5th  8:00am  10:05-10:20pm  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  1:35pm 
Tuesday - Friday 
8:00am  9:15-9:30am  11:00-11:20am  11:20-11:45am  2:10pm 
1st/2nd 8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  2:10pm 
2nd/3rd  8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:05pm  2:10pm 
4th 8:00am  10:05-10:20am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  2:25pm 
5th  8:00am  10:05-10:20pm  11:40-12:00pm  12:00-12:25pm  2:25pm 
Minimum Day 
8:00am  9:15-9:30am  11:00-11:20am  11:20-11:45am  12:00pm 
1st/2nd 8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00pm 
2nd/3rd  8:00am  9:30-9:45am  11:20-11:40am  11:40-12:00pm  12:00pm 
4th 8:00am  10:05-10:20am  11:40-12:00pm  ------- 12:00pm 
5th  8:00am  10:05-10:20pm  11:40-12:00pm  ------- 12:00pm 
6th/7th/8th  Arrival  AM Break  Lunch  Lunch Recess Dismissal 
Monday  7:55am  10:15-10:25am 12:00-12:45pm  ------- 1:35pm 
Tues-Fri  7:55am  9:50-10:05am  12:10-12:50pm  ------- 2:20pm 
Mini Day  7:55am  9:45-10:00am  12:00pm  ------- 12:00pm 
9th - 12th  Arrival  AM Break  Lunch  Lunch Recess Dismissal 
Monday  8:00am  9:25-9:35 11:40-12:25pm  ------- 1:35pm 
Tues-Fri  8:00am  10:05-10:15 12:25-1:10pm  ------- 3:20pm 
Mini Day  8:00am  9:55-10:05am  12:10pm  ------- 12:10pm 

Parent Advisory Council 

  • The high school is in search of 9th – 12th grade parents to sit on a Parent Advisory Council that will meet several times over the next few months.  They may leave a message at the office, or email lbiggs@westwoodusd.org to volunteer.

Learn About Our School 

Westwood is a rural community located at an elevation of 5,200 feet at the junction of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain Range. The district currently has two active schools: Fletcher Walker Elementary School, Kindergarten through 5th Grade and Westwood Jr./Sr. High School, 6th through 12th Grade.
Westwood has approximately 1,500 residents within its boundaries. Fletcher Walker Elementary School has approximately 90 students enrolled and Westwood Jr./Sr High School has an approximate enrollment of 85 students.
The district has one Superintendent/Principal. All staff seek to provide a quality education that encompasses the District's vision and mission statements.
We expect our students to meet academic standards, become life-long learners,
and to be productive citizens prepared to take their next step.
To provide our student body with the best education possible
and to instill in them a passion for life-long learning
in partnership with our parents and community.
The Westwood Unified School District prohibits discrimination, intimidation, harassment (including sexual harassment) or bullying based on a person’s actual or perceived age, ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, immigration statue, marital status, medical information, national origin, parental status, pregnancy statue, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For questions or complaints, contact Equity Office: Dr. Merza, Superintendent/Principal, 4th and Greenwood Streets, 530-256-2311, smerza@westwoodusd.org and/or Title IX Compliance Officer: Trena Smith, Administrative Assistant, 4th and Greenwood Streets, 530-256-2311, tsmith@westwoodusd.org.
Accessibility Notice: Westwood Unified School District is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to individuals with disabilities, and that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunity to use and benefit from its online content and functionality. If you experience difficulty accessing any online content of functionality on Westwood Unified School District's website, please contact Administrative Assistant, Trena Smith at tsmith@westwoodusd.org or (530)256-2311 to request the information in an alternative format, or to provide feedback on how Westwood Unified School District can improve its website accessibility.