Westwood Unified School District Board of Trustees

Brittany Baehler, Board President, Term Exp. 2024

Jodie Gunn, Board Clerk, Term Exp. 2026

Pamela Pettengill, Board Representative, Term Exp. 2026

Christopher Martin, Board Member, Appointment Exp. 2024

Shelley Tilford, Board Member, Appointment Exp. 2024


Board of Trustees to organize, manage, and align critical information for the district including Board Meetings and Board Policies. We invite all of our community stakeholders to access this site to better understand the work that is happening in our District, and we welcome your input and dialog to help us best serve our students.

If you need assistance, please contact Trena Smith, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/Principal at tsmith@westwoodusd.org

The Westwood Unified School Board of Trustees meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 5:30pm, in the Westwood Unified School District Library. 
Agenda and Board Pack will be posted 72 hours in advance to the scheduled regular meeting and 24 hours in advance to the scheduled special meeting. Click here to view agenda and board packs.

Click below for Westwood Unified School District's Board and Administration Goals 

Admin Goals