4th & Greenwood Sts
PO Box 1490
Westwood, CA  96137
PH 530.256.3295 FAX 530.256.3693 
Welcome to Fletcher Walker, home of the Loggers, where character education happens!  The mission of Fletcher Walker Elementary school is to create and provide an environment of safety for students and staff, as well as an atmosphere conducive to learning for all.  This setting will encourage and validate a child as an individual developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become a capable and effective citizen.

Fletcher Walker Elementary School personnel expect students to respect themselves as well as others.  Our goal is to continuously provide a rigorous academic program that allows our children to be successful in attaining the California State Standards.   We provide special activities that meet the individual needs of our students, and activities that challenge and motivate students.   A team approach to a child's education is always best; therefore, we strongly encourage parent/guardian communication and participation to better serve the educational needs of our children.
We would like to hear from you.  Please participate in our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Stakeholder survey link- http://lcap.doc-tracking.com/25605.